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Will Texas' Booming Economy Swing the State to the Left? This GOP Operative Thinks So

Sanford Nowlin Sep 7, 2018 13:35 PM
Via Michael Vadon (Wikimedia Commons)
Rick Perry led the charge for Texas to lure corporate relocations. Did he also lure more Democratic voters?
If one Republican strategist's theory holds true, former Texas governor and hair model Rick Perry may be looking at another "Oops!" moment.

The big businesses Texas poached from other states under Perry's watch didn't just bring investment but employees with them, Republican strategist Allen West told political website The Hill. And a lot of those relocating workers hail from states as deeply blue as Texas is red.

"They are coming with their employees from other places like a California or people moving in from New York, New Jersey, Illinois... and they're bringing the same principles and values that forced them to leave those states," said West, a director of the arch-conservative Texas Public Policy Foundation.

Plenty of economists would dispute West's apparent argument that businesses relocate to escape Democratically-controlled statehouses, but you can't fault the guy for lack of conviction. The former congressman is promoting an upcoming book that hinges on his theory.

As evidence, he points to the power progressives now wield in the state's big cities.

“It’s a numbers game, and so when you look at Dallas, you look at Austin, you look at Houston, San Antonio, El Paso, Corpus Christi — the only major urban population center that’s run by Republicans is Fort Worth,” West said.

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