Best Of 2022

Best Record Store: Southtown Vinyl

Best Record Store

Winner: Southtown Vinyl

1112 S. St. Mary's St.

(210) 231-0512

The digital media boom has some folks convinced that physical media is dead and that streaming is the name of the game. Whoever subscribes to that notion clearly hasn't checked out LP sales data lately — or visited Southtown Vinyl. The store provides a comfortable, spacious browsing experience. That's vital because physically digging through stacks of records is a big part of the vinyl shopping experience. Customers praise the staff for being friendly and knowledgeable — qualities that can be hard to find in tandem at record stores. This year, Southtown Vinyl even unseated long-running champs Hogwild Records in this Best of San Antonio category. If that's not enough to lure vinyl fiends, there's a Daft Punk mural on the side of the building. Hard to go wrong.

2. Hogwild Records

1824 N. Main Ave.

(210) 733-5354

3. CD Exchange

Multiple locations