10 Breakfast Date Ideas Under $20

There's no way to say, "I think you're neat" to someone you have a romantic interest in than by getting up at a reasonable hour to take them to breakfast. Well, there are also those people that you don't remember bringing home from the bar, but that doesn't mean they don't deserve breakfast, too! So whether you're trying to be romantic on a budget or just trying to politely get someone on their merry way with your left over bar money, this list is for you!


Bakery Lorraine 


Bakery Lorraine (511 E Grayson) has a great selection of $4 pastries that you can enjoy with a relaxed conversation in the garden. This is the perfect setting to have an excuse to feed your significant other romantically. Unless, you feel like croissant consumption is a personal thing. $12 for 3 pastries will leave you with enough room for a good tip.


Pancake Joe's


What's breakfast without some pancakes? At Pancake Joe's (1011 Donaldson) you can snatch order up two $5.99 tall stacks of pancakes and $1.59 cups of coffee. Joe's tends to be busy, but you can enjoy some playful banter while you wait. $15.16 + Tip and you’re good.


Eddie’s Taco House


Wanna make $0.99 tacos romantic? Stop by Eddie’s Taco House (3755 Thousand Oaks) before 9 a.m. and you can choose from a list of classic breakfast tacos all for $0.99 each. Grab a bag of those bad boys for about $5, head over to McAllister park and have a cute taco-picnic. Cue romanticism.


Dunkin' Donuts


Listen, Dunkin’ Donuts (Multiple Locations) has finally made its way to town and we want you to appreciate its goodness. Class up your morning with a  DD Combo which comes with a medium coffee and your choice of donuts, bagels, sandwiches, or wraps. All combos are priced between $3.19 to $5.99 which means you’re walking out of this joint for under $12. There is a tip jar, so leave something nice, because you’re sweet like their donuts.

Perk's Coffee


If you’re near UTSA and the Medical Center, you don’t have to go too far for a casual breakfast and coffee. Perk's Coffee (7755 Eckhert Ste 107) serves up some hot breakfast bagels with Egg, Cheese, and your choice of Ham or Bacon for $3.50 each. Grab two and matching pair of drip coffee for $1.65 a cup and you’ve got a comfy breakfast for only $10.30 which leaves you ample room to tip.


Halcyon Latte Art and Mission Reach Stroll

The Dude

Halcyon Southtown (1414 S Alamo Ste 101) has a team of baristas who can make a portrait in your latte’s foam. Yeah, you read that right. Grab a couple of lattes for $3.49 a cup, two $1 sides, and a grilled PB&J for $4. That’s a grand total of $12.98 which leaves you enough room to tip well for that gorgeous portrait. Cap off breakfast with a casual stroll along the mission reach.


Progressive Picnic with San Antonio B-cycle


I know we’d rather have somebody make breakfast for us, but I think a B-Cycle (Multiple Locations) date is too cute to not suggest. Yes, I think things are cute. Pack up some of y’all’s favorite leftovers for a cute picnic and then head to any of the many B-cycle stations in town. Buy two $10 24-hour passes and get to riding as long as you want for $20. You get unlimited 30-min rides, which will let you have a progressive picnic all over town!


CrepeLandia at Pearl Farmers Market


CrepeLandia is at the Pearl (Pearl Pkwy) on Saturdays from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. and Quarry Market (255 E Basse) on Sundays from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. except for this Saturday. Their crepes range from $3 for a plain to $10 for some of their specials like The Lox. Don't forget their Vegan options! Have fun with your $20 here however you see fit.

LocaVore Food Truck at Pearl Farmers Market


The Pearl Farmers & Ranchers Market (Pearl Pkwy) is always a good choice for a breakfast date and LocaVore (255 E Basse) is gonna give you the comfort food you didn’t know you were missing. Find $20 and spend it ALL on any of their killer dishes like chorizo hash or their eggs Benedict. You don’t make wrong decisions here.


Travis Park Fun


Travis Park (301 E Travis) was refurbished this spring and with that came a fun kiosk that has free books and games you can enjoy. If that’s not enough, they also have free wi-fi and oversized chess. So, if you’re really broke, this is a great option for FREE fun.


Culebra Meat Market


Culebra Meat Market (Multiple Locations) has the best deal on barbacoa in town. On the weekends you can get a barbacoa meal for $7.99. You get 1 pound of barbacoa, 1 cup of refried beans, a dozen of flour and corn tortillas, a cup of salsa, and if that's not enough for you it also comes with a 2-liter of soda. A pound of meat would be a sufficient date for myself, but you can enjoy your grub in the comfort of your own home or you can set up shop in your favorite park.


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