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Bedazzled (Fox): How can it be that it has taken so long to unleash this bit of Swinging-London irreverance on the DVD-buying public? Not the sickly, dull Elizabeth Hurley remake, mind you, but the one starring the delicious comic pairing of Peter Cook and pre-Arthur Dudley Moore. It's a witty take on the Faust story that has aged remarkably well.

HANKS A LOT: Big, That Thing You Do! - Extended Editions (Fox): To my knowledge, nobody's been clamoring for more epic versions of these fluffy, much-liked Tom Hanks films. But I want to celebrate their release for one reason: Unlike most of the now-ubiquitous "expanded cuts" coming from big studios these days (like the otherwise welcome Donnie Brasco, which I'll be catching on Blu-Ray), these two include the original theatrical version as well. Hooray, Fox!

Deliver Us From Evil (Lions Gate): Say you'd like to know more about pedophilia in the Catholic Church? Amy Berg's doc was roundly hailed as a non-sensationalized look at the case of a single defrocked priest, who gets plenty of screen time here (as do his victims) to present himself in the most humane light possible.

Classic Western Round-Up, Volumes 1 & 2 (Universal): All told, it's eight vintage oaters for (if you shop well) around 40 bucks. B-flicks by masters, though - with top Western directors from Budd Boetticher to Raoul Walsh.

ALTMANIA: Studios are still catching up to the late auteur, with Thieves Like Us (MGM) and A Perfect Couple (Fox) only now making their individual debuts. Thieves, the common favorite of the two, even offers a commentary recorded years before the director's death. 

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