The Evil Mothers are back

By Enrique Lopetegui

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Seminal local industrial noise band Evil Mothers will close their first tour in 13 years with a show at Nightrocker on June 11. Tickets are $10 and the Mothers go onstage at around midnight.

In the ’90s, the Mothers released several albums on Invisible Records and toured the United States and Europe supporting bands like Pigface and Einstürzende Neubauten. Its members have since gone on to perform in San Antonio acts like Boxcar Satan, Martyrhead, and the Tex Pistols, not to mention stints with Thrill Kill Kult and Pigface.

Two original members answer the Current’s questions via email.

From left: Bobdog Catlin (guitars), Patrick Sane (bass, original member), Curse Mackey (vocals, original member), Chip Alexander (trap set drums), Sanford Allen (guitars, original members), Bradley Bills (metal percussion). “Everyone in the lineup, with the exception of Bradley, was in an earlier incarnation of the Evil Mothers at some point,” said Sane.

Is this a one-time thing or you guys will continue? What will happen to the other bands you’re involved with?

Allen: I can tell you is that Boxcar Satan and Martyrhead will continue as going concerns. There are no plans to mothball those bands even if the Evil Mothers shows become more frequent.

Tell me about this tour. What will we see at Nightrocker? Just oldies?

We're making high-quality audio and video recordings of all three Texas shows. This is a strong lineup, and we've put a lot of work into fine-tuning versions of songs from a variety of Evil Mothers eras. We're eager to showcase how we've all grown as musicians, noise artists and provocateurs. Although Evil Mothers was always a frenetic live act, there wasn't a ton of video footage kicking around from back in the day. I suspect a lot of old fans are craving a fix they can enjoy at home with their curtains drawn. Not to mention, many who never saw us first time around are no doubt curious to see what it was all about. We'll see what we can do to help them out.

Will you record a new album?

[Singer] Curse [Mackey] now lives in Tampa, Florida, and we're all busy with families, careers, and other musical projects. At this point, none of us is ruling out future recordings, releases and live shows —but we certainly haven't committed to anything either. Recent rehearsals certainly demonstrate that this band is still testing the boundaries between music and noise. The Mothers, in other words, haven't mellowed with age.

How hard or easy was to get back together?

Mackey: This reincarnation of Evil Mothers has been a large amount of work, both mentally and physically. It was a strange feeling initially to re-enter into these songs, but now that the cobwebs have been shaken, we are completely engaged and ready to rage.

But what will it take for you to record new material?

Mackey: In regards to future Evil Mothers shows, recordings or releases, I prefer to leave that open-ended and determine it based upon the amount of damage that is created from these three special shows in Dallas, Austin and, especially, San Antonio. It's like I've been living with an old wound that won't quite heal since we disbanded 13 years ago, and now, just when life was getting good, we had to go and open these old wounds. We are bringing our own film crew and Pro Tools recording rig to document these performances. We'll see what the crystal ball says after we smash it against the wall. I never wanted Evil Mothers to quit playing in the first place, so I've been waiting to fuck shit up in San Antonio again for a long time. Evil Mothers was one very bizarre journey that left a lot of scars, and created many good and bad memories on some great people. This current lineup of Evil Mothers sounds as relevant as anything out there today and it's going to be an explosive, historic night in Ol' San Antonio come June 11. The whole city may be embarrassed about where she wakes up the next morning and what she did the night before. You definitely don't want to miss this, as it just may never happen again.

Why now?

Allen: The long answer is that original member Patrick Sane tried to pull this together a few times in the past, but members' respective schedules and commitments just didn't allow it to happen. Marshaling both the diligence of Sisyphus and the diplomatic skills of Henry Kissinger, though, he finally managed to pull it off. All along, he wanted to include as many of the original members as possible. The short answer is that it's been 13 years since the band's last show, and we'd have to wait 653 more years for an equally appropriate reunion time to come around.

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