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? Machete

What you failed to mention in your article is that people in Robert Rodriguez’s own camp, who happen to be Hispanic, were extremely concerned that Machete would cause racial tension due to current illegal immigration issue and they reached out to Alex Jones. — Phleix

This is a cool photo of Trejo “keepin it brown.” Alex Jones is a joke. Does he really believe or think so little of Mexicans as mindless drones who don’t know the difference between entertainment and real social equality? I feel so sorry for people who have this narrow view of the world. When he is old and in a nursing home and has no one to listen to his insane jabbering I just hope the only person who is caring and feeding him responds with a simple, “QUE?” — Racso Arerrab

? R.I.P. Jordan

I also play accordion and Steve was an inspiration to all musicians. Steve was a musical gift from god, a real genius, there will never be another talent like Steve Jordan. RIP, bro. We will miss you dearly. Thanks for all the beautiful songs. — Martin Sanchez

? Bar Tab

I’m glad your recent piece on the bar known as Phi/1909 mentions a ghost. I should imagine, that the building located closest to the fiercest fighting during the Battle of the Alamo would have a ghost or two! In the area between the SE corner of the Gibbs building and the Centograph in the plaza, most of the Texan defenders and many of the Mexican soldiers died. That whole intersection of Houston & Alamo Streets was awash in the blood of battle that morning of March 6, 1836, long before it was anything other than just bottomland. I usually remember to take my hat off as I drive through there.
A better name for the Bar would be “Sam’s Place.” Our first Mayor, Samuel Maverick, who was sent off to Washington-on-the-Brazos just days before the battle to sign the Declaration of Independence From Mexico, was so bummed out by the slaughter back home that he later bought a lot near the battlefield so that he could be close to the memories (ghosts?) of all those old friends of his who died that day. He built his family home on the site of the future Gibbs Building, and his property stretched back to what is now Travis Park. He donated the park to the city in his old age.

If you’re sitting alone in the bar there someday, and some dusty apparition materializes and seems thirsty, please buy him a drink. He’s earned it. — Rick Pratt

? Wild Animal Orphanage

Kris and Nicole put their hearts and souls into bringing the WAO back to life and then the Cryers, in my opinion, intentionally took the place over to destroy it! If they didn’t intend to destroy the WAO then they would have been out there helping Nicole and working beside her, NOT doing everything possible to work against her. What comes around goes around Cryers. I hope your next lives are spent in a very small cage eating moldy dog food, when lucky to get that. — Moondancer5

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