Reknowned Xicano poet alurista blesses indigenous march w/ reading

“We do not recognize capricious borders on the bronze continent; I repeat: we do not recognize capricious borders on the bronze continent,” alurista read. About 50 of us are gathered at the poet’s feet as he reads, since the City failed to turn on the electricity at Columbus Park for this annual event that proclaims universal human rights in the face of today’s national Columbus holiday. Of the Columbus statue serving as a backdrop for the presentations preceding the march through downtown, organizer and founder of the Texas Indigenous Council Antonio Diaz said: “It has no place before humanity and yet he’s recognized with a federal holiday.” Diaz has so far been stymied in his effort to get a resolution from the San Antonio City Council supporting indigenous rights and recognizing the suffering that the clash of cultures has meant for the millions of people who first inhabited this continent. Indian flute played by Juan Tejeda of Aztlan Libre Press, now promoting alurista’s new book of poetry, “TunaLuna.” There was little to no media to witness the march. But at least one angry cowboy flicked the marchers off w/ a scowl as they passed the Alamo. “I want a wall! I want a way!” he called. Suggested to me the message was getting through. Sonya Harvey also documented the march (below).
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