Drink Away Your Sorrows with a Peachy Texas Twist on a Classic Gin Cocktail

Drink Away Your Sorrows with a Peachy Texas Twist on a Classic Gin Cocktail
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Let’s be real: 2020's pileup of calamities is giving us day-drinking feels. So, with seasonal, hyper-local ingredients in mind, we're here to help you up your home bartending game with a bright take on a summertime cocktail.

Gin is a classic choice for sipping in the sunshine, given its crisp, botanical notes. While summer favorites such as a Pimm’s Cup or Gimlet might be the first things that come to mind, with a little extra effort, you can put a delicious, local twist on a classic gin drink.

Famously juicy Texas Hill Country peaches are at the top of their season right now, so why not muddle them into a Peach Gin Fizz? If you’re freaking out about adding egg white to a cocktail, don’t. That’s a Ramos Gin Fizz, and another blog post altogether.

With gin, sweetener and fruit — typically citrus — at its base, the classic Gin Fizz features an assertive, herbal kick from the core spirit. So, with that or this peachy Texas twist, use a brand you can sip on its own. Trust us on that.

You can add more sugar to your cocktail if desired, but Texas Hill Country peaches are renowned for their natural sweetness, so be judicious.

Peach Gin Fizz
4 ounces gin, chilled
Club soda, chilled
1 pinch turbinado sugar
1 large Texas peach

Cut your peach in two and muddle half in the bottom of the serving glass. Add the gin, club soda and turbinado sugar. Stir gently until blended. Garnish with a thin slice of peach, if you like, and serve immediately.

A Gin Fizz is usually served in a highball glass without ice, but it’s Texas in June. Add ice.

And why not make a day trip out of fixing your cocktail? Head up to one of many peach orchards in Fredericksburg for the freshest possible product.  Some even allow you to pick your own!

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