3 Progressive Meals to Try This Fall

click to enlarge Dining outside of Pearl, Downtown or Southtown? What a progressive idea. - SAN ANTONIO CURRENT
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Dining outside of Pearl, Downtown or Southtown? What a progressive idea.
No, we’re not sending you to the Pearl, Downtown or Southtown. It’s time to burst that bubble, San Antonio. Below are six suggestions for food-filled adventures with several international stops along the way.

San Antonio Current
The Brunch Trail

Brunch Trail

Head north on McCullough Avenue for a varied mix of brunch options. Remember — it’s not basic if you hit up all of them in one day. 

1.Ming’s Thing
5249 McCullough Ave., (210) 570-6318, mingsthing.com
You’ll want to chow down on Singaporean breakfast at this train car patio. 

2. Mezcalería Mixtli
5313 McCullough Ave., (856) 630-5142, mezcaleriamixtli.com
The newly launched brunch should be your last stop. Fill up the huevos rancheros and pozole or sip on La Sucia, which combines flor de caña white rum, basil, lime and papaya foam.

3. Folc
226 E. Olmos Drive, (210) 822-0100, folc-restaurant.com
Get the sausage kolaches or the wood-fired Dutch baby with fried quail, syrup and butter.

4. 212 Tribeca
4331 McCullough Ave., (210) 320-0698, tribeca212.com
Still hungry? Grilled steak and eggs are the go-to at this joint.

5. OLMOS Bharmacy
3902 McCullough Ave., (210) 822-1188, olmosrx.com
Yes, Bharmacy serves mimosas, but focus instead on the fluffy Rx Prescription Pancakes available in chocolate chip, pecan, banana, blueberry, strawberry or walnut..

6. Barbaro
2720 McCullough Ave., (210) 320-2261,  barbarosanantonio.com
Stop in for a starter cocktail — the bellini with white peach puree and cava is a natural option, but That Funky Monkey, with Belgian ale, Aperol and orange juice is also a winner.