10 Gift Ideas for the San Antonio Food Lover

Get the gourmand in your life a gift they'll use in the kitchen for years to come or an experience they'll never forget with these gifts we've selected at every price point.

Taco Accessories // In the vein of the Ramones, your baby can kill two birds with one stone in this taco onesie ($19) that says “I will probably love tacos” as much as “I’m going to keep you up all night long.” In that same vein, your taco-loving pal needs a coin purse ($20) for all their taco truck cash. And finally help them show off their penchant for crispy tacos with stud earrings ($16). Prices vary, Feliz Modern, 110 W. Olmos Drive, (210) 622-8364, felizmodern.com.

Bunuelos // The San Antonio Bunuelo Company is making bunuelos new and fresh, and we don’t mean just their production. The waif-like treats come in different shapes, colors, the bunuelos are available in fun rosettes or traditional bunuelos of yore. $10.50-$12.50, order at [email protected].
Queso by Lisa Fain //For her third cookbook, The Homesick Texan blessed us with an easy-to-use and beautifully shot book on all things queso. With 50 recipes of historic dip recipes to modern takes from Fain herself (like the jalapeno chutney queso), this book is for all hosts and homecooks. $15, The Twig Bookshop, 306 Pearl Pkwy., Suite 106, (210) 826-6411, thetwig.com

Dog treats from Pawsitively Bakery // Pooches need gifts too, and all the pet parents out there can treat their doggos to yummy gingerbread and “Lumps of Coal” treats from Santa. Because they have been a good boy/girl all year. $20, Pawsitively Sweet Bakery, 3363 E. Commerce St., Suite 104, (210) 446-7466, pawsitivelysweetbakery.com.
10 Gift Ideas for the San Antonio Food Lover
Courtesy of Pawsitively Sweet Bakery
Tickets to Dulce // We’re ending the year on a sweet note. Call it an early holiday gift and give them something they’ll enjoy — a night of sweet drinks, lavish desserts and more. $40-$75, 7-11pm, Jack Guenther Pavilion at the Briscoe Western Art Museum, 210 W. Market St., localculturetickets.com.

Pan Dulce Loteria // For the journaler in your life, grab these muy fabuloso stationary emblazoned with a pan dulce loteria complete with a sticker pack by local artist Meghan Regis. $3-$6, etsy.com/shop/DamnYouRegis.

Classes at the San Antonio Botanical Garden // Chef Dave Terrazas is turning the San Antonio gem into a must-do with culinary classes such as Sprouts & Spritzes, where he shows participants how to utilize herbs from the garden in boozy cocktails. Check out the garden’s schedule for more. $15-$25, San Antonio Botanical Garden, 555 Funston Pl., (210) 536-1400, sabot.org.

Crispy Dog Pin by BarbacoApparel // Your pin fanatic friends will want this limited release of a true San Antonio classic. Larger than most pins on the market, the smiling, glittery crispy dog was a collaboration with local artist John Medina of Alamo Basement. $15, online at barbacoapparel.com or local maker’s markets.
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Courtesy of BarbacoApparel
Sucre Mallows from No. 9 //Venture to No. 9 and make your way past the sinful scents and yes, the Ouija boards, and grab a bag of Sucre marshmallows hailing from New Orleans. The salted caramel or chocolate make for great hostess gifts. $10, No. 9 Florals, 4347 McCullough Ave., (210) 232-4471, no9floralandgifts.com.

Quick Sip/Cafe de Olla/Pulp Coffee // The coffee fiend in your life needs a constant source of cold brew to keep them going. Choose from Quick Sip coffee, the Mexican-inspired Cafe de Olla or Pulp’s uber quality beans or mix and match. Prices vary, quicksipcoffee.com, ollaexpresscafe.com, pulp.coffee.