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September 19, 2018 Slideshows » News

20 Adoptable Animals You Could Be Hanging Out With at the Animal Defense League 

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Whether you have a preference to cats or dogs, you're sure to find a pet you'll fall in love with at the ADL. Think about it this way: stop by for a visit and see for yourself. Get to the Animal Defense League of Texas to find your next furry family member.
OF 20
"Hi, I’m a friendly and very social girl who loves treats and of course plush toys! I truly enjoy getting to meet and become friends with a human pal. I truly love to explore and encounter all the different smells out there but I love it, even more, when I have a forever family keeping me company letting me know that I am loved. Maybe you can be my forever best friend!"
"Hi, I’m Twilight! I came to ADL with my tall brother, Steven! I say “tall” because compared to me, I’m so short! Steven gets a little sad when I’m not around so I try my best to stick by his side to keep him company. We like to go outside for a little bit and then come back into our kennel to relax. People say I’m the more energetic one and Steven is the calm one. We can both be a little bashful, especially around strangers, but we eventually warm up to familiar faces. We are both on a mission to find someone who’ll open their heart to a bonded pair like us! Steven is my best friend and we’d like to stay best friends forever! Please give us a chance to make you our best friend too!"
"I can be a savory Quiche but I will need to “bake” for a long time in a new home. I’m very bashful and prefer to hide away instead of socializing. So go slow with me and when I say slow I mean that literally. Sudden movements startled me. I just need someone with lots of love and patience to take me home. Is that person you?"
"Hi there! My name is Herby the Love Bug! Go ahead and tell me how much you love me, I’m all ears! They’re pretty big but I think it makes me look adorable! Don’t you think so too? I’m a charming, playful, goofy, and super curious little guy! I would love to go on adventures with you!"
"Don’t let the gray muzzle fool you. You know what they say – 50 is the new 30. I’m 49 in dog years (if you believe that stuff), so I’m quite the young lady! It’s right there on my sign: “Still has plenty of energy.” If you don’t believe it, take me for a walk. I’m not so ill-mannered that I would pull you. I seem to have been properly raised: I am leash-trained, of course, and I am gentle and even-tempered. Just please don’t call me old. I’d much rather be called your dog."
"Don’t worry the only spell I will cast on you is for you to love me, I’m not evil sorceress, I’m just a spicy tabby. I love attention but only from humans. I absolutely do not like other cats so it would be best if I am the only cat in the home. that home should be yours. Come get me today so I don’t have to put a spell on you!"
"Hi, I’m Olivia! Don’t I look like an old wise man with my scruffy beard? Well, I’m actually just a 5-year-old bearded lady. I’m sweet, loving, calm, and prefer to be held most of the time. I also love treats and enjoy calm walks in the park. I get along with most dogs and kiddos. I have something special about my heart that they call a heart murmur and the staff can tell you more about that. All I know is that this heart of mine is full of love! If you’re looking for a gentle furry companion, then give me a chance to be your friend!"
"Dave is the name and sit for the treat is the game. The rules are simple, you show me a treat and if I sit down then you hand me over a treat! I love the game, there’s nothing better! Hopefully, you and I can play this game and we become best pals! Better yet we become a forever family and I can have a forever home. That will be the best!"
"I’m a walking contradiction. How so you ask? Take my name for one. I’m a girl but my name is Tuxedo. Then there’s the fact that one day I can be super affectionate and friendly, rubbing all over people’s legs for attention and the next day I’m shy and scared and have hidden away from the public. The only way to know which cat I am is to come see me today!"
"I’m such a silly girl! I can be bashful but then I’ll act like a tough lady when big dogs and people walk past my kennel. But then…I get taken out while being talked to like a baby and I’ll instantly melt into any arms that hold me. I’m a bit shy and the staff is working with me to break out of my shell and so far I’m starting to warm up to people. However, I hope I don’t stay here too long that I get the chance to warm up to everyone! I’d much rather focus on warming up to my forever person in my forever home. Please consider giving silly “tough” me a chance to melt into your arms!"
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"I am one of the sweetest guys you will ever meet! My hobbies include going on short walks around the block, sleeping for many many hours because who doesn’t love sleeping, getting belly rubs which I love sooooo much and showing my love and affection. I would love to make one of my hobbies to love my forever family!"
"Hola, me llamo Señor! It’s great to see you and hopefully be able to meet you. I am as lucky as they come; before I came into ADL I had the roughest time out on my own. I was surprised at how bad I was; I was told that I had been struggling with severe dermatitis, ear mites, and hair loss from sarcoptic mange. I know sounds horrible right! Well on top of all that, I was told, I had entropion which is a condition where my eyelids fold inwards causing me great discomfort. And as one condition kept coming after another I was also told that I had been diagnosed with FIV. As you might imagine, when I came in, I was quite the grumpy whiskers especially since I could barely see the humans around me! But now, I am soooooo much better and I feel soooo happy! Estoy muy muy muy feliz! I really would love to put all this crazy past experience behind me and find a forever home where I can find a forever family to love me and enjoy all my antics and my Spanish. I do have to go with another furry friend that either has FIV or would have to be an only cat. We should get to know each other better so we can learn all about one another!"
“I am a lady who loves to go for good long walks but the Texas weather can be a bit too much at times for me so I love a good cold floor to lay on when it’s just too hot outside. I enjoy riding in cars and being with my human friends but I am respectful and try not to lay on the seats. I love meeting new people and getting to know them because there’s nothing better than getting new friends! I am hoping to meet you sometime soon so we can be a forever family!”
"Hi, I’m Bologna! Not to be confused with detective McGruff the Crime Dog! A lot of people say I look like a short version of him. However, I won’t be working on taking a bite out of crime but I may work on taking a bite out of a dog biscuit! The only detective work I really like to do is scoping out my surroundings because I’m a curious boy. I typically stroll casually on the leash while I check out my surroundings. I’m just a chill dog with a big Boxer type head on a Basset Hound body. Please visit me to get to know me better!"
"Let me just be honest: I’m going to “nope” out of any situation because I’m an extremely shy cat. I’m very timid and prefer to keep to myself. That doesn’t mean there isn’t perfect person out there to help me grown in confidence. Is that person you?"
"I love to smile and really enjoy treats! I feel so happy when I receive a treat, makes me feel so loved. I will even sit for a treat if you ask me to sit. I can take a bit to warm up to you because I am rather shy but once you and I start hanging, you will see all my love!"
Sashi Marie
"Don’t you think I’m beautiful? There is so much of me to love, and I have so much love to give! I’m on a weight-loss journey, as they like to say here, but even when I reach the end of it, I won’t have lost any of that love – it will just be concentrated in a smaller package. I am full of sweetness, and hugs are my specialty. Sniffing around while on walks is lots of fun. I’m not supposed to have treats, but I will sit on command anyway. Wouldn’t it be great to help me go from full-figured to petite?"
"I think they call me Ram because I like to ram my head into people’s legs. That’s my way of requesting immediate attention from humans! I was roaming around the hospital here and they ended up taking me in. I am a friendly kitty but I tend to get grouchy around other felines. That’s why I would prefer a home where I can be the only furbaby to receive all the attention from my human! There is something special about my heart that the staff can tell you more about here. One thing I can tell you for sure is that my heart will have plenty of affection for you. Will you give me a chance to be your best feline friend? Please, say yes and let’s meet!"
"Hello! I am the curious Sadie! I like to check out everything going on around me. I am gentle older lady and have excellent leash walking manners. I like to relax most of the day but just because I’m a senior doesn’t mean that I don’t know how to have fun! I love playtime and being outdoors. I like to play with toys and I really enjoy splashing around in the kiddie pool! All I want is to be around people and I would especially love to be around you. Please visit me so that I can show you how wonderful I am!"
"Just like the singer Jewel, I’ll sing this lyric to you, “I know that you love me and soon you will see, you were meant for me and I was meant for you.” Okay so you won’t actually hear me singing that song but please know that I’ll have those exact thoughts when I meet you. I generally feel that way towards most people because I love everyone and I’m confident you’ll love me right back! I’m a very laid-back type of gal who enjoys sun bathing and relaxing. I’m always happy to receive neck rubs and will happily purr when you shower me with attention. Please give me the chance to find out if you’re meant to be the best friend for me!"
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"Hi, I’m a friendly and very social girl who loves treats and of course plush toys! I truly enjoy getting to meet and become friends with a human pal. I truly love to explore and encounter all the different smells out there but I love it, even more, when I have a forever family keeping me company letting me know that I am loved. Maybe you can be my forever best friend!"

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