Brick at Blue Star Is Hosting an Ethiopian Pop-Up

click to enlarge Brick at Blue Star Is Hosting an Ethiopian Pop-Up
Courtesy of Ruth Wimberly

The impending cool front has us wishing for all things warm and stewy, and serendipitously, Brick at Blue Star will host Nomad Wot Shop, an Ethiopian pop-up tonight from 5 to 9 p.m.

Helmed by Ruth Wimberly, the Nomad Wot Shop is hosted by Petit Loups Ethiopian Cuisine named after Wimberly's dogs (petit loups means little wolves in French). The idea for the pop-up series came to Wimberly after spending 20 years in Oakland where Ethiopian shops were much more plentiful than in San Antonio. She eventually learned how to prepare the wots (curries or stews) while there. After relocating to SA in 2012, Wimberly was bummed to learn the closest Ethiopian shop was more than an hour away in neighboring Austin. She's now hoping to share the cuisine with San Antonio, which currently only holds on Ethiopian truck within its borders. 

"I see a niche to educate the palate of San Antonio. Food is culture, so I'm happy to bring something exotic and unusual to the people," Wimberly shared with the Current.

The menu for tonight will include a vegan yemisir wot, gomen wot and atkilt alicha plate of spicy red lentil stew, with collards, cabbage, carrots, injera (a spongy flatbread) for $10; a chicken wot, gomen wot and yemisir wot plate of spicy chicken stew, spicy red lentils, stewed collards, injera and salad for $12; and finally a yebeg (lamb) wot, gomen wot, yemisir wot, injera and salad for $14. Cash and major credit cards will be accepted. 

The event will also feature funky Ethiopian records, so you can get your dance on.