75. Stuff Your Face With A Whataburger Whatafarm

75. Stuff Your Face With A Whataburger Whatafarm

Take advantage of the Whataburger's "just the way you like it" motto and order a Whatafarm. A What-a-What? This secret menu item is an absolute beast of a burger, the result of playing it fast and loose with the local chain's customizable options. Sandwiched between two buns are a hamburger patty, a Whatachick'n patty, bacon, a fried egg and cheese, plus lettuce, tomatoes, pickles and diced onions. The Whatafarm has made the rounds online for years. A quick Google search turns up a handy diagram that you can present to a sure-to-be confused Whataburger cashier. Variations of this frankenburger exist, including ones with a breakfast sausage patty or fried fish filet, because why not? It's both mouth-watering and stomach-turning. Make sure your next visit to the Whataburger drive-thru turns out to be both the greatest achievement and biggest regret of your life. whataburger.com

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