Learn to Longboard and Make Walking to Class a Thing of the Past

If you are carless in college, you’re probably spending a lot of time walking around in the hot sun, hustling to get to class on time and arriving uncomfortably hot and sweaty. Getting a bike would make travel faster, but bikes are expensive and a nuisance to lock up and leave outside. An easier and more affordable way to get to class quickly is to grab a longboard and roll to class, early and dry.

Riding a longboard is a quick, easy way to swiftly cross campus. With a longboard, there is no need to lock it or leave it outside. Your board can be carried anywhere.

Compared to bicycles, a quality longboard is relatively cheap, and maintenance costs vary between low and non-existent. An affordable, sturdy board that will last years can run you anywhere from $75 to $150, depending on brand, style and quality (you can easily spend more than $200 on top-of-the-line boards). Brands like Atom and Sector 9 sell boards for less than $100 that will give you years of quality riding. If your objective is getting to class on time rather than achieving top speed down a road, almost any reasonably priced board will do the job well.

If you are after more of a thrill, there is a community of skaters in San Antonio ready to show you the best hills and routes to achieve top speed. San Antonio Longboarders (SLAB) is a group of more than 500 riders who arrange skate sessions almost daily on SLAB’s Facebook page.

Words of advice to those who are new to skateboarding: practice in an empty parking lot before braving the sidewalks and roads full of students and traffic. Get the hang of making quick turns, keeping your balance and most importantly, braking and stopping. Soon you will be weaving through those poor, perspiring pedestrians, who will arrive to class much later and sweatier than you.

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