30 vintage San Antonio TV commercials that will make you laugh, groan and feel nostalgic

Sometimes TV taps into a timeless element, which explains why shows like I Love Lucy, Seinfeld and The Office can run for…

By San Antonio Current Staff

Highland Furniture
Who didn't enjoy Highland Furniture's exciteable pitchman, who was prone to swinging his arms and shouting at the camera in his distinctive nasally twang.
Screenshot via YouTube / SanAntonioNews78
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24 vintage San Antonio TV commercials that make us feel extremely old

Vintage TV offers plenty of opportunity to roll your eyes at bad fashion, goofy haircuts and out-of-date attitudes. But if you really…

By San Antonio Current Staff

"It’s so easy!! When you take the bus!! VIA, VIA! VIA, VIA!" This cheesy jingle was probably stuck in your head in the late ‘70s or early ‘80s.
Screenshot via YouTube / satransitman
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