Breaking Bad: A Study Guide

Brush up on Breaking Bad before Wednesday's Geeks Who Drink Quiz. (Courtesy AMC Networks)

Get ready for Wednesday's Geeks Who Drink quiz at Firehouse Pub & Grill (5380 Walzem) with this sample quiz. Read more about the nerdtastic event here: Geeks Who Drink Hosts Breaking Bad Quiz.

1. What does Walter Jr say veggie bacon tastes like?

2. What is chemistry the study of, according to Walt?

3. What was Jesse's original cooking moniker?

4. What was Jesse's signature ingredient?

5. Phosphine gas can be a byproduct of a botched batch of meth, what did Hank incorrectly identify this as?

6. What corporation does Lydia work for?

7. How many times has Jesse gotten a black eye?

8.What was Jesse's little brother's name?

9. What does Lydia take in her tea?

10. What was Mike's former occupation, what was his title at Pollos Hermanos?

11. Who did Jesse hire as dealers?

12. What is Marie and Skyler's maiden name?

13. What was Gus' partner's name? How did he die?

14. What does Walt give Elliot for his birthday?

15. Where did Walt, Elliot and Gretchen meet?

16. How did Jesse & Walt's meth turn blue?

17. How much money did Walt need to make before stopping? (At least the first time around)

18. What does Walt use to blow up Tuco's lair?

19. Who else does Hank name while trying to figure out who W.W. is?

20. What game show did Aaron Paul go on in his early 20's?

21. How many children did Bryan Cranston's Hal have in Malcolm in the Middle?

22. What stage was Walt when he was diagnosed with cancer?

23. What did Jesse suggest Walt do to alleviate hair loss?

24. Bryan Cranston has also appeared in what three movies since 2008?

25. Where did Walt teach?

26. What was Jane's occupation?

27. Where did Skyler get those green beans?

28. How much money did Gus donate as a reward for information on Hank's would-be assassination?

29. Why did Walt & Jesse destroy the RV?

30. Who shot Drew Sharp?

31. What instrument was Skinny Pete particularly good at playing?

32. What artist's exhibit did Jesse & Jane visit?

33. Who are Saul Goodman's go-to guys?

34. What does Patrick Kuby do for a living off-screen?

35. What are the Vamonos Pest Control Crew supposed to address Jesse & Walt as?

36. Who wrote Ozymandias, the sonnet?

37. What other show has Vince Gilligan directed?

38. Before buying the car wash, what did Saul suggest Walt buy instead?

39. Who shot Tuco?

40. What was Hank suffering from after being promoted?

41. Where was Gus originally from?

42. What was the name of the original owner of the A! Car Wash?

43. Why did Walt get pulled over?

44. Who takes Skyler to the hospital when she goes into labor?

45. Jesse poured what chemical onto Emilio's corpse in his bathtub?

1. Band Aids; 2. transformation, change; 3. Capn' Cook; 4. Chili powder; 5. Muster gas; 6. Madrigal Electromotive; 7. 4: series premiere, when Tuco beat him up, when Hank beat him up, when Todd tortured him; 8. Jacob "Jake" Pinkman; 9. Soy milk, Stevia; 10. police officer in Philadelphia, head of corporate security; 11. Badger, Skinny Pete, Combo; 12. Lambert; 13. Maximino Arciniega, when Tio Hector Salamanca shot him; 14. Maruchan ramen; 15. Cal-Tech; 16. They ditched pseudoephedrine for stolen Methylamine; 17. 737,000; 18. fulminated mercury; 19. Willy Wonka; 20. The Price is Right; 21. Five: Reese, Francis, Malcolm, Dewey, Jamie; 22. 3A; 23. Use an icepack on his head; 24. Argo, Drive, Total Recall, Red Tails, Contagion, Larry Crowne; 25. J P Wynne High School; 26. Tattoo artist; 27. Albertson's; 28. 10,000; 29. Hank was onto them. 30. Todd "Meth Damon"; 31. the piano; 32. Georgia O'Keefe; 33. Patrick Kuby & Huell Babineaux; 34. he's a stand-up comedian; 35. Yessir & Nossir, 36. Percy Bysshe Shelley; 37. The X Files; 38. a laser tag place; 39. Hank; 40. PTSD; 41. Chile; 42. Bogdan Wolynetz; 43. Cracked windshield; 44. Ted Beneke; 45. hydrofluoric acid.

Answers pulled from binge watching and Breaking Bad's Wiki page.






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