Best Of 2016

Best Bakery/Dessert

Best Bakery/Dessert

WINNER: Bakery Lorraine

306 Pearl Pkwy., Suite 110 • (210) 862-5582

> Bakery Lorraine introduced SA to a new age of classy baking at their previous cottage location on Grayson Street. With the move to Pearl, the options have only increased — without any of the potential slip in quality that such a shift might imply. Multi-colored macarons still beguile, especially in unexpected flavors like Earl Grey tea and dark chocolate cassis. If you get there early enough (and who says you can't have full-on dessert at 9 a.m.), there are exotic muffins, classic pains au chocolat and not-your-toaster's-normal pop tarts to fall in love with. Cookies (sorry, we can't resist) are good at all hours. And bread pudding can be had in both sweet and savory versions. Get there early for desserts such as the raspberry lemon cake and a carrot cake with both lighter body and frosting that's not merely cloying cream cheese. Tarts will be gone early on, too, but order ahead for your next swell soirée. Your guests will swoon in appreciation.


2. La Boulangerie

207 Broadway • (210) 639-3165

3. La Popular Bakery

Multiple locations


2. Bird Bakery

5912 Broadway • (210) 804-2473

3. Cake Crumbs

1218 W. Bitters Road • (210) 906-3783