Best Of 2023

Best of San Antonio 2023

Best of San Antonio 2023
San Antonio is city in constant motion. Like other dynamic metros, it grows, evolves, changes and builds. Through it all, many familiar landmarks remain, but new ones spring up and become part of the scenery.

That means our favorite things about the community are also in a state of evolution. New people arrive, bringing along new ideas. Old fixtures close or change hands. We also discover new trends and styles that alter our outlook.

That’s why the Current offers its Best of San Antonio, or BOSA, issue annually: to provide a snapshot of where the Alamo City’s tastes lie at that stage of its evolution. We invite residents to vote on the people, places, restaurants, nightlife locations, retailers and service providers that stand out as the community’s finest.

As with the past two issues, you — our readers — made 100% of the winning selections. No critics’ picks or staff-decided categories here. After all, you live here, you experience the city on the daily and you have your finger on its pulse. Plus, we provide plenty of criticism during the rest of the year, whether it be of food, music or the arts.

So, thanks to you for once again helping tell the story of San Antonio’s growth, evolution and expansion. Enjoy BOSA 2023, and if one your favorites didn’t win, remember this is a city on the move — there’s always next year.