Best Of 2019

Best Wine Bar: Max’s Wine Dive

Best Wine Bar

Winner: Max's Wine Dive

340 E. Basse Road, Suite 101

(210) 444-9547

Don't let the name fool you, Max's isn't much of a dive, even if it does have a jukebox. It's more of a relaxed gathering place for people who aren't wine snobs — although we doubt the place turns away many of the latter. The menu features 101 moderately priced selections from all over the world, and the wait staff are happy to walk customers through the extensive list. Among Max's offerings: Argam Tempranillo from Spain, menu-described "badass" red wines from France such as Réserve du Palais and a selection of eco-friendly tap wines for the green imbiber. Patrons can also purchase vino at retail prices to enjoy later. Keeping with its slogan "Fried chicken and champagne... Why the hell not?!" Max's also serves up a variety of comfort foods to pair with its pours, its signature crispy bird among them. While the food's tasty, wine is definitely the main attraction.

2. High Street Wine Co.

302 Pearl Parkway #104

(210) 908-9144

3. Copa Wine Bar

19141 Stone Oak Parkway, Suite 704

(210) 495-2672