Bexar County Grand Jury Indicts Trio Accused in Horrific Child Abuse Case

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click to enlarge Porucha Phillips (left), Deandre Dorch, and Cheryl Reed - Bexar County
Bexar County
Porucha Phillips (left), Deandre Dorch, and Cheryl Reed
A Bexar County grand jury indicted a California trio Thursday who are accused of tying up two young children, ages three and four, like animals in the backyard of a northeast Bexar County home.

Porucha Phillips, 34, is charged with three counts of injury to a child; Deandre Dorch, 36, is charged with two counts of injury to a child; and Cheryl Reed, 30, is charged with one count of injury to a child.

Bexar County sheriff's deputies arrested the trio after responding to a 911 call on the 8100 block of Chipping on April 28. A resident had reported hearing a child cry for several hours. When the deputies looked over the fence, they discovered a horrifying scene: two children bound by a dog chain and a leash. One child was tied up by the wrist and the other was chained by the ankle, according to the DA's office. Both children sustained multiple injuries. There were no adults to be found. Authorities did, however, find six unattended children, ranging in age from 10 months to 10 years old, inside the home without supervision.

About an hour later, Phillips, mother of the six unattended kids left inside the house, showed up with Dorch. Reed, mother of the young children tied up in the backyard, claims she was in California. The three had recently moved to Texas from California. After questioning Phillips, Dorch and Reed, investigators arrested them. A charge of injury to a child is punishable by two to 10 years in prison and up to a $10,000 fine.
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