Best Of 2020

Best Seafood: El Bucanero

Best Seafood

Winner: El Bucanero

Multiple locations

It's usually a bad sign when a restaurant's menu is more the size of a training manual. Quite often, it means the kitchen will be rusty at preparing at least a few of the items and some ingredients may not be so fresh. Not so at El Bucanero, which dependably executes on its voluminous menu of seafood inspired by Mexico's Pacific coast. Whether it's the mini-chain's multiple varieties of ceviche, full-to-the-brim shrimp cocktails, towering tostadas or exemplary camarones al mojo de ajo, diners can expect fresh ingredients, bold flavors and skillful preparation. A variety of samplers and party plates also make for a great way to dig deeper into that massive menu.

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Multiple locations

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