Best Of 2020

Best Tacos: Taquitos West Avenue

Best Tacos

Winner: Taquitos West Avenue

Multiple locations

Both locations of this order-at-the-counter eatery draw raves for their Jalisco-style street tacos. The menu is stripped down, offering around a half dozen selections of meat, from brisket and al pastor to lengua and tripas served up on corn tortillas. It's up to the diner to customize them with addictive house-made salsas along with cilantro and onions, both raw and grilled. Don't expect any sides, they'd just get in the way. Although it's worth noting that TWA's satellite location on Nacogdoches Road includes a panaderia with conchas, empanadas and more. As the lines at Taquitos West Avenue and the votes in our poll suggest, plenty of San Antonians appreciate a restaurant that sticks to one thing and dependably gets it right.

2. Taqueria Datapoint

1702 W. Gramercy Place

3. The Original Donut Shop

3307 Fredericksburg Road

(210) 734-5661