Adorable Latino Boy to Donald Trump: 'Fuck You, You Racist Fuck'

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Someone had to say it. - Deport Racism
Deport Racism
Someone had to say it.

From the mouth of babes. 

The political action committee Deport Racism is adding a dose of #realtalk to our nation's political conversation on immigration by having two precocious Mexican-American children call Donald Trump out on being a racist dick. And they do it with as much enthusiasm as Dora and Diego

As you undobtedly know, Donald Trump, who still leads the rest of the many GOP presidential candidates in a number of polls, kicked off his campaign by saying most undocumented immigrants were rapist and murderers. Hey, some of them are good people, he assumed, so give the man credit where credit's due. 

Little Ricardo and Rosa, two mijo/as after my own heart, will win you over as they bring an unfiltered frankness to what amounts to the racist bullshit that dominates the chatter around American immigration policy. In just two minutes, the two point out the utter stupidity on Trumps "deport everything brown" immigration plan and the coded racist language he uses instead of just staying "wetbacks," "spics" and "beaners" like he really wants to. 

"Maybe a little less hairspray and more education, millions of working Latinos would be deported if you get your loco way.”

Kids say the darndest things. 

Deport Racism is not letting up after the video. The group is offering anyone $5,000 for calling Donald Trump a racist on a live SNL broadcast when he hosts on Saturday. 

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