Man arrested after asking flight attendants to join 'mile high club' on U.S. flight

He also made several comments about 'entering' the cockpit.

click to enlarge A man on a Spirit flight to Orlando now faces federal charges over his alleged antics. - Facebook / Spirit Airlines
Facebook / Spirit Airlines
A man on a Spirit flight to Orlando now faces federal charges over his alleged antics.
A man aboard an Orlando, Florida-bound flight was arrested after agents say he was disruptive and made comments about flight attendants joining the "mile high club," according to a criminal complaint.

James Finnister was flying from Louisville, Kentucky, to Orlando International Airport aboard a Spirit Airlines flight Tuesday, the complaint said. 

Finnister first asked the lead flight attendant if she wanted to join the "mile high club." The complaint said he then grabbed another flight attendant and pulled her into his seat before asking her the same question.

Finnister also reportedly asked attendants several questions about entering the plane's cockpit. 

Orlando police officers spoke to Finnister when the plane landed at MCO. Finnister admitted to his actions, and said he had taken several shots of alcohol before the flight to "calm his nerves," as it was his first time flying.

Finnister now faces federal charges of interfering with the performance of the duties of a flight crew member.  A judge allowed him out of custody during a court appearance Wednesday.

This story first appeared in Orlando Weekly, an affiliated publication.

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