Coin celebrating Border Patrol agent whipping Haitian migrant under investigation by CBP

The 'Haitian Invasion' coin is just one of several celebrating the bad behavior of law enforcement officials.

click to enlarge One side of the coin depicts a mounted U.S border patrol agent wrangling a Haitian migrant. - Twitter / @haleaziz
Twitter / @haleaziz
One side of the coin depicts a mounted U.S border patrol agent wrangling a Haitian migrant.
Viral video of mounted Border Patrol agents whipping their reins at Haitian migrants in South Texas drew a horrified outcry when it surfaced last fall.

However, an image from that clip has since been minted onto coins often collected by law enforcement, as first reported by the LA Times. Those coins and their origin are now being investigated by the U.S. Customs and Border Patrol, according to the newspaper.
Sporting green and gold coloring, one side of the coin depicts an agent on horseback flailing his reins a Haitian migrant. The phrase "Whipping Ass Since 1924" is etched at the bottom. The reverse side features the U.S. Army Cavalry insignia along with the words "Haitian Invasion" and the phrase "Deflecting Allegations For Years."

Coins celebrating the bad behavior of law enforcement have been around for years, according to a report from Mother Jones.

First appearing as "military challenge" coins in 1969, the collectables were to meant to encourage camaraderie in Special Forces units. However, as "cops began equipping themselves and acting more like soldiers, they started minting their own," the left-leaning magazine reports.

According to MotherJones, one coin minted in 2020 celebrates Connecticut State Trooper Mathew Spina, who was caught yelling at a motorist during a traffic stop that the driver was "fucked." Another from the same year that depicts a burning Louisville and includes the phrase "Civil Unrest 2020" was created following the outrage over the Breonna Taylor shooting.
U.S. Customs and Border Protection Commissioner Chris Magnus has vowed to investigate the origin of the latest coins celebrating controversial roundup of Haitian migrants, according to the LA Times.

Over 40 of the "Haitian Invasion" coins have been sold on eBay for $15.19 a pop, according to the Miami Herald.

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