Best Of 2022

Best Burlesque Troupe: Haus of Erotique

Best Burlesque Troupe

Winner: Haus of Erotique

The term "burlesque" often evokes thoughts of the campy and titillating variety shows of yesteryear, and there's no shortage of present-day troupes that excel at giving a sly nod to that particular art form. Haus of Erotique has won a local following with a slightly edgier approach, however — one heavier on fetish elements and kink than cheeky humor. The group's shows even come with a sense of danger thanks to the incorporation of fire, either of the juggled of swallowed variety. In addition to regular performances in local nightspots, Haus of Erotique has roped in plenty of admirers with its Fet Gala, an annual showcase for its performers' naughty charms that include anything from retro fashion shows to pole dancing displays.

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